Can A Mediator Enforce An Agreement?

  • 1 min read

As a mediator, we are not the argument police. We’re not ones that enforce you to do certain things with your conflict with the other party. What we’re there to do is find deep within your thoughts and your story, a solution that already exists between you and the other party. We’re not there to force some answer on you. The court can do that, a lawyer can do that, and the other side can do that, but a mediator cannot do that. 

We’re here to show you the answer that already exists by hearing your story and listening to the emotions that are behind it to really flush out an answer that’s already there that’s not yet visible because all you’re seeing is your stated position, the state of position of the other party and you seem like you’re this far apart where in reality, your real interests are probably already overlapping with the other party. 99%. We’ll show you how to do that without having to give up anything, especially your pride.

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